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Specs: 220 x 155mm, 304 pgs, Hard Cover with Ribbon marker
ISBN. 0 646 42875 6

Author. Michael Paul Stavrou
Foreword Sir George Martin
Illustrations Wayne Westbrook

A sound engineering book revealing a massive collection of
trade secrets you won’t find anywhere else – answers to
mysteries - unique solutions - new perspectives - and above
all, inspiration.
Price: $105.00/BOOK

Item No:MIRRA-17691

A handbook for the Pitjantnatnara learner

Specs: 297 x 210mm, 306 pgs, Paperback


Author: Paul Eckert & Joyce Hudson

Publisher: Mirrabooka Press
Price: $40.00/BOOK

Item No:MIRRA-18428

Specs: 285mm diameter

Author: Paul Eckert & Joyce Hudson

(Revised Nov 2017)
Price: $10.00/EACH

Item No:MIRRA-19895

Francis Irenaeus McCarthy
Specs: 240 x 170mm, 146 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646487557
Author: W.J.Wilding
Publisher: Mirrabooka Press
Price: $30.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-15976

Product Description:
Hard cover A4 book

Author: Shirley J. Porter-Sampson

An historical and genealogical record of the Porter Families
who settled in South Australia from 1839 to 1987.
Price: $185.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-17743

As recounted by Les Warnes

Author: Meredith Satchell

Product Description:

Les Warnes 1922-2016, spent most of his long life on Woolgangi Station 65 Kilometres east of Burra. In 2009 Les began telling the story of his love of the eastern country to Meredith Satchell.
Two years later this book was the result of their collaboration.
It was primarily intended for the family and its popularity with a wider audience surprised both Les and Meredith and resulted in three print runs.
It has been illustrated with some 300 images covering not only the station country to the east but Les's life-long interest in cars, and other vehicles, dam sinking and the changing station lifestyle.
The result is a fascinating insight into a bygone era.
Price: $50.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-20578
A 50 year experience in Papua New Guinea

Product Description:

Author: Anthony J Radford
A dokta at large in the land of the unexpected . . .

This story begins in the late 1950s, when as a medical student the author is dropped into an isolated enclave of Europeans surrounded by mountains in the central Highlands of New Guinea. Four years later, he returns, going on to establish comprehensive training programmes in rural medicine, while serving as the only doctor for 50,000 people. After a decade, he leaves PNG, returning on numerous occasions as a consultant over the next 40 years.

This story covers a 50 year experience in PNG from pre-self-government with missionaries, miners and administrators to a country listed as one of the most corrupt, violent and least comfortable places in the world in which to live, one still struggling to forge an identity and assert itself as an independent nation.
Price: $35.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-20840

The Veterans Journey into the PTSD Minefield

A beautiful collection of information and poetry following the journey from recruit training, through war service and onto the day-to-day nightmare of living with the consequence of war.

Including the perspectives of partners and families enduring the effects of a partner with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All profits from the sale of this book go to The Repat Foundation to fund PTSD research.

Specs: 210 x 270mm, 56 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646589947
Author: Bob Walter
Price: $20.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-21779


Specs: 190 x 180mm, 124 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646905167
Author: Peter A. Jones
Price: $24.95/BOOK

Item No:YBO-23038
Product Description:

ISBN 978-0-646-91650-7

Author: Valarie Allan

Politically, the Middle East is on the world stage at this point in time.
The countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey contain the areas where
the Kurdish live - countries where much of the present day conflicts are taking place.
This book is not a complete historical document but tells of more recent events in
history which have led to the fragmentation of the Kurdish people of Kurdistan.
The Kurdish people have a great love of music, folk songs and poetry.
Many of my poems have 'struck a chord' with the Kurdish people in helping to explain
their loss and suffering, as well as their joy. So they are also included.
Price: $20.00/BOOK
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