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Item No:YBO-21779


Specs: 190 x 180mm, 124 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646905167
Author: Peter A. Jones
Price: $24.95/BOOK

Item No:YBO-25679

The life of Peter Field

Author: John Field

270pp + Cover

ISBN: 978-0-9944324-0-7

"Winner of the Don Grant Award 2015 for the best Australian historical biography with a family history focus (Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc.)"

Orphaned at 15 months and consigned to an English workhouse: this was Peter Field’s bleak start in life. But he made the most of his opportunities, and with a sense of adventure, set out for Australia.
There, with energy, hard work and entrepreneurial skill, Peter built up a prosperous boot manufacturing business in Toowoomba with retail stores throughout southern Queensland.

He survived insolvency in the 1890s depression and contributed generously to the local community and the Church of England.
In retirement, Peter and his wife, Sarah, established one of the most popular guesthouses in Toowoomba, which ran successfully for 30 years.

Peter’s story, told by his great-grandson, is richly enhanced with over 100 photographs, maps and figures.
Price: $36.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-25891

The Greatest Mining Engineer in Australia

Author: Andrew May

Hard cover
384pp + Cover

ISBN: 978-0-9945077-0-9

John Fredrick May was no doubt one of Australia’s finest engineers. It has been stated that Frederick did the most to solve the problems of ore separation.
This was a problem many engineers and chemists could not solve. Thus, Broken Hill Proprietary (BHP) became one of May Brothers & Co largest and most respected clients.
Among Frederick’s, many patents was the “adjustable comb”, which was adopted and used on harvesting machinery worldwide.
Frederick was a technical genius, and thought of in some quarters – “the greatest engineer in Australasia.
Frederick was the founder of May Brothers & Co Foundry, Gawler.
Price: $110.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-25941

Four Women, Four Lives Intertwined

Author: Doris Falidis Nickolas

128pp + Cover

ISBN: 978-0-9945099-0-1

How does a young immigrant woman face her fears, anxieties and hopes at all once?
Four women from a traditional mountainous village, Agios Panteleimonas, now known as Neos Panteleimonas, in the Prefecture of Pieria, Greece, relive their stories.

From innocent children maturing to young women, they emigrated to Adelaide, Australia in the mid 1960s. Life Has Two Doors highlights their joys, sorrows and cultural contributions as immigrants in an ever-growing culturally diverse society.

Follow their journey as they share their tribulations, feelings and emotions leaving their homeland to begin a new life in a new land.
Price: $49.95/BOOK

Item No:YBO-27416

The life of a Cellist, Artist and Spiritualist

ISBN 978-0-646-96613-7

Product Description:

Author: Paul Blackman

"A fascinating tale, told with real flair" - Steven Isserlis

When Christian Reimers went to Dusseldorf, he lived with and became a close family friend of the composer Robert Schumann and his concert pianist wife Clara.
From a musical point of view, he not only played through the Schumann Cello Concerto in its draft form with the composer at the piano but also the now-lost Cello Romances.
He also met many of the main composers & players at the time. When Robert Schumann encouraged investigation into the latest fad out of the USA - Spiritualism, he found in the young man someone keen to explore this new mystery.
These few short years would have a profound effect on the path his life would take. Already a talented artist, the rest of Reimers' turbulent life would be dominated by music and spiritualism, especially blossoming in Manchester, London and Australia.
Price: $27.95/BOOK

Item No:YBO-28211

Product Description:
100pp + Cover

Author: Vern Aberle

ISBN: 9 780646 98803 0

How could a shy kid from Millicent, with low school maths scores, end up as Chief Pilot of the Police Airwing?

The answer is in the dreams.

First he changed his mount from Dobbin, the draught horse, to Police Horse Zephyr, a dream horse hero film star from the movie, Robbery Under Arms.
From the Mounted Division he moved to Police car patrols, then found that his maths had to improve if his dream of flying was to come true.
He served in Cyprus and then returned to settle down in Adelaide and fly the Police aircraft all over South Australia. He was eventually put in charge of the Police Transport Division.
This is a story with a lot of driving in it. But it’s mostly about how if you let the dreams do the driving, you’ll get there.
Price: $20.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-28722
The story of a man caught in turbulent times

* Book cover images coming soon *

Auther: Bob Schmidt

240mm x 170mm x 13mm
212pp + Cover

ISBN: 978-0-646-98399-8

William Harvey is a farm labourer. He is one of the best labourers on the Dumont estate and hopes to continue there indefinitely.
He marries Harriet who has a child. William has high hopes for the child and when his livelihood is threatened during the Industrial Revolution he joins the Swing rioters.
He is convicted and transported to Van Diemen's Land to serve time farming there. He returns to his family in England only to find that the situation there has changed so emigrates to the new colony of South Australia.
Price: $30.00/BOOK
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