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Item No:YBO-20840

The Veterans Journey into the PTSD Minefield

A beautiful collection of information and poetry following the journey from recruit training, through war service and onto the day-to-day nightmare of living with the consequence of war.

Including the perspectives of partners and families enduring the effects of a partner with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All profits from the sale of this book go to The Repat Foundation to fund PTSD research.

Specs: 210 x 270mm, 56 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646589947
Author: Bob Walter
Price: $20.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-23038
Product Description:

ISBN 978-0-646-91650-7

Author: Valarie Allan

Politically, the Middle East is on the world stage at this point in time.
The countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey contain the areas where
the Kurdish live - countries where much of the present day conflicts are taking place.
This book is not a complete historical document but tells of more recent events in
history which have led to the fragmentation of the Kurdish people of Kurdistan.
The Kurdish people have a great love of music, folk songs and poetry.
Many of my poems have 'struck a chord' with the Kurdish people in helping to explain
their loss and suffering, as well as their joy. So they are also included.
Price: $20.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-23141
(Maroon Cover)

Medical Practitioners and Medical Students of South Australia who served in World War 1

Product Description:

ISBN: 978-0-646-92750-3

Publisher: Army Health Services Historical Research Group AMOSA
Authors: Christopher Verco RFD MD FRCOG FRANZCOG;
Annette Summers AO RFD PhD MEdSt BN;

‘Blood, Sweat and Fears: The Military Service of the Medical Practitioners and Medical Students of South Australia
who served in World War 1’, is dedicated to the memory of the South Australian Medical Practitioners and
Medical Students who served in the Army, Navy and Flying Corps in the Great War, 1914-1918:
To commemorate those who lost their lives and to those who lost their health, faith, hope and aspirations;
and to celebrate the achievements of those who received Military or Civilian honours in recognition of their bravery under fire,
their leadership and contribution to their profession and society in the aftermath of the war,
and finally to those whose contributions remain unknown and unacknowledged.
Price: $25.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-23416

Product Description:
210 x 148mm

ISBN 978-0-9924932-0-2
Author: Drew Ellis

Keith's forgotten sons, the town's first soldiers ...

To foreign fields and deserts parched
They farewelled Keith and off they marched,
And whether killed, or grew to old
Herein, at last, their stories told.

Even before the War, some of Keith's Forty-Eight went into battle
on a weekly basis, on the football field. Fit, athletic and
competitive, the young men of Keith, South Australia and
surrounding areas who loved the combat of the football field would
soon be volunteering to serve in the First World War.
But who were these men, and what were their stories ?

From the Foreword:
Drew Ellis has given us an excellent, comprehensive and
beautifully-wrought biography of the 48 united by Keith and war.
The 48 whose service, sacrifice and struggle is crucial to the spirit
of our nation. The volunteer spirit. This spirit never dies.

Peter Goers OAM
Price: $30.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-25366
(A History of the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps)

Product description:
272pp @ @700g

Author: Lt. Col. Sven Kuusk R.F.D.

ISBN: 978-0-9942815-0-0

Volume One covers the history of the origins and development of the Australian Army Dental Corps from 1914 to the beginning of World War Two.
This book highlights many of the problems encountered by Dental Officers, who battled under very difficult conditions, to provide the best possible standard of dentistry for the soldiers serving in Germany, New Guinea, Egypt, France, England and Australia. Despite apathy, ignorance and opposition from the British Medical Corps, which dominated dental policy at the time, the senior Australian Dental Officers strove to develop a high standard for the Australian Army Dental Service.
Price: $37.99/BOOK

Item No:YBO-26760
"Green Cover"

Medical practitioners of South Australia on active service after World War 2 to Vietnam 1945-1975

Product Description:

ISBN: 978-0-64695-902-3

Publisher: Army Health Services Historical Research Group AMOSA
Authors: Annette Summers AO RFD PhD MEdSt BN;

Australia, after WW2, became increasingly aware of its isolated position in the Pacific and Asian region, and, as a result, several military and political agreements cemented Australia’s continuous role in military support in the region.
Australia, initially, was to monitor the surrender and peace at Rabaul and in Papua New Guinea in 1945, and also a similar role with the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) in Japan, from 1946 until 1952.
Overlapping this was the drive to contain the threat of communism and religious incursions in the region, especially in the conflicts in Malaya, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. South Australian doctors, in all of the defence force services, again offered their service.
Blood, Sweat and Fears II: Medical Practitioners of South Australia on Active Service after World War 2. 1945 – 1975, follows the highly successful Blood, Sweat and Fears: Medical Practitioners and Medical Students who Served in World War 1, and is an important biographical record of these doctors.
It provides insight into their lives and experiences, drawing on their personal reflections, as well as tragic and humorous insights.
Price: $25.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-26799

Product Description:
120pp + Cover

Author: Maarten van de Loo

ISBN: 978-0-646-96056-6

Maarten van de Loo remembers and tells his story. A true story of courage and love. How a family survived Japanese Prisoner of War Camps during World War II.
Having endured – as a young teenager – fear, hunger and humiliation and having witnessed extreme torture and men in their death-throes, three-and-a-half years of POW imprisonment is sufficient to become unforgiving of the enemy.
However, the abrupt ending of WWII by the dropping of two atom bombs, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, though saving the lives of far greater numbers of civilian POW’s in
“The Other Holocaust”, makes the now aged survivor review the past and realise that our Creator has aided in our strife, leading to the triumph of unconditional forgiveness.

Price: $17.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-28342
(A History of the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps)

Product description:
542pp @ @1400g

Author: Lt. Col. Sven Kuusk R.F.D.

ISBN: 978-0-9942815-1-7

In World War One and Two, Farriers cared for army horses and their teeth. When the army first enlisted dentists in World War One they were given the nick-name Fang Farriers.
Volume One dealt with the origins and development of Australian Army Dentistry in War and Peace from 1914 to 1939.
This volume covers the development of the Australian Army Dental Service from 1939 until 1948 from a small number of dental officers in the Medical Corps Reserve to the formation of the Australian Army Dental Corps. It deals with the services, locations, postings, hardships and sacrifices of 655 Dental Officers and Prisoners of War who suffered and died in South East Asia in Changi and on the Burma Thailand Railway. In 1943 the Dental Service was split from the Medical Corps to become a new corps which continued to provide comprehensive dental treatment to Australian and Allied troops serving in Palestine, Syria, Greece, Egypt, Malaya, New Guinea, East Indies and at Home.
Price: $50.00/BOOK
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