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Item No:YBO-15441

Specs: 297 x 210mm, 144 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646508665
Author: Neville Bonney
Publisher: Neville Bonney and Leonie O'Meara

The Carpenter Rocks coastline can be described as the last frontier. The area has only been settled in recent times compared to those other coastal towns on South Australia’s South East coast. Early history of geology, Aboriginal occupation, coastal exploration, ship wrecks, fishing industry and the early visitors to the area make it a welcome addition to other works written on South East history. This is the area known today as Carpenter Rocks, or as the French explorer Nicolas Baudin named Les Charpentiers in 1802.

This book gives a wonderful insight into the life on or near this coastline during the past century. The principal author, well-known and respected local identity Neville Bonney, is no stranger to the area. He is an author of many books and has had a lifetime association with ‘The Rocks’. Now in retirement, he lives in his renovated seaside home, overlooking the Great Southern Ocean and its ever changing moods.

Price: $45.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-16556

Identifying and growing native vegetation
in the South East of South Australia
Specs: 297 x 210mm, 144 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646529592
Author: Neville Bonney
Publisher: South East Natural Resources

Ever been out Bush and you were puzzled by what the tree or shrub in your presence was called?
Yes, it's happened to all of us sometime.

This is a friendly, easy to use book that will help you identify any of the more common and well known native plants found growing in the South East region of South Australia.

If you are a land owner, land manager, seed collector, bush enthusiast, tertiary student, or just a lover of our precious native plants, then this book is for you.
Price: $45.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-17359

Edible wild native plants for Southern Australia

Specs: 240 x 170mm, 136 pgs, Paperback

ISBN: 9780646575216

Author/Publisher: Neville Bonney

In recent years Australian wild food plants have been gaining much interest amongst plant growers and cooks.
This book focuses on Southern Australian culinary flora. It is a practical, well contrived illustrated guide for those keen to experience the taste sensation of native Australian cuisine.

This volume will also well serve those of us who wish to cultivate/use and further develop this emerging industry.
Price: $38.50/BOOK

Item No:YBO-21943

Native Peach (Quandong)
The tree with the round red fruit

Specs: 270 x 210mm, 116 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646911045
Author: Neville Bonney
Publisher: Neville Bonney

It is highly unlikely that any other edible Australian Native Plant has created as much interest as Native Peach/Quandong, Santalum acuminatum. This plant is now embedded in Australian folklore and holds nostalgic memories for many people.

This fully illustrated book follows its journey through prehistoric times, ancient Aboriginal history, botany, Australian land exploration, early settles, arts and craft, through to farming the species and its uses as a popular cooking ingredient in modern Australia.
Price: $45.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-26659

Wind harps from desert to the sea

Specs: 270mm x 216mm x 12mm
Hard cover 112 pages
ISBN: 9 780646 960371

Author: Neville Bonney

This is a rare treat for lovers of our bushland, native trees and native plant ecology as well as being a text book
about Sheoak timber for fuel, art, craft and its role in the landscape today as well as in the past.

Price: $45.00/BOOK


Useful plants of an ancient land

Specs: 235 x 170mm, 112 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780980301304
Author: Neville Bonney
Publisher: Australian Plants Society

The history and other features of the area have been written about in books and other publications. Yet a colourful, rarely mentioned chapter still visible today, are the trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses that grace the slopes and valley floors of the Ranges. These plants have provided the people of the land, the Adnyamathanha, with plentiful food, medicine, craft and hardware supplies for thousands of years.

With the help of the Adnyamathanha people, the story of the plants is told in this book. Many of the stories are interwoven in the Muda (Dreaming), and today, the plants are still growing and are indeed harvested for traditional tribal use as well as sustenance. Adnyamathanha and beyond - useful plants of an ancient land fills a gap in previous works written about the Flinders Ranges.

This book is complete with botanical descriptions and illustrations of many plants, as well as photographs depicting the unique landscapes of the region. Importantly, the book also features language and cultural input by the local Adnyamathanha people.
Price: $35.00/BOOK


Identification. Propagation. Historical Uses

Specs: 210 x 150mm, 96 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 0646442074
Author: Neville Bonney
Publisher: Australian Plants Society (SA Region) Inc.

Common Native Plants of the Coorong Region is much more than an identikit. It combines descriptions of some of the more common plants found in this region of South Australia with information about historical uses as food or materials, by the original inhabitants and by European settlers, as well as some of the techniques for propagating these plants.

The many photos enhance the descriptions while seeking to capture the natural beauty of the Coorong. Whether used as a guide while exploring the region or as a reminder after a visit, this richly illustrated book evokes the spirit of a wonderful place.
Price: $35.00/BOOK


A guide to the identification, collection, germination and establishmnet of native plant species for Central Southern Australian Landscape

Specs: 297 x 210mm, 352 pgs, Hardcover
ISBN: 0646198203
Author: Neville Bonney
Publisher: Neville Bonney
Price: $65.00/BOOK
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