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Item No:MIRRA-19895

Francis Irenaeus McCarthy
Specs: 240 x 170mm, 146 pgs, Paperback
ISBN: 9780646487557
Author: W.J.Wilding
Publisher: Mirrabooka Press
Price: $30.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-20578
A 50 year experience in Papua New Guinea

Product Description:

Author: Anthony J Radford
A dokta at large in the land of the unexpected . . .

This story begins in the late 1950s, when as a medical student the author is dropped into an isolated enclave of Europeans surrounded by mountains in the central Highlands of New Guinea. Four years later, he returns, going on to establish comprehensive training programmes in rural medicine, while serving as the only doctor for 50,000 people. After a decade, he leaves PNG, returning on numerous occasions as a consultant over the next 40 years.

This story covers a 50 year experience in PNG from pre-self-government with missionaries, miners and administrators to a country listed as one of the most corrupt, violent and least comfortable places in the world in which to live, one still struggling to forge an identity and assert itself as an independent nation.
Price: $35.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-23838

Product Description:

ISBN: 978-0-99258-360-6

Author: Greg Storr

Fishing the limits, teaching the limits, pushing the limits and enforcing the limits.

Who in their right mind ...

• goes out at night without any means of calling for help with the intention of throwing fish caught by strangers back into the water and expect to survive ?

• makes fun of the boss and expect to get away with it ?

• plans to spend an evening with the estranged wife of an acquaintance and expect your wife to understand ?

... Greg did.

These stories along with their outcomes are just some of those included in these books.

I am sure you know someone in your community who could be the person I have written about because practical jokers, fishing and crime are not restricted to any geographical boundaries.
Price: $25.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-24892
A journey of faith through the storms of life

Product Description:

Author: Julie Day

Is your Christianity working for you?
Have you struggled to move from the hurt and pain of the past?

Julie uncovers the issues of shame and guilt that cause us to hide the hurting parts of our lives.
She shares openly and honestly her journey about how the secrets in her life impacted on personal relationships and her Christian walk.
Julie now has a great testimony about how she emerged from the pain of the past and found the strength to shine.
Price: $15.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-25317

Author: Jonathan Russack

ISBN: 978-0-646-94074-8

Product Description:
Size: 210 x 148 mm
No. pages:104pp
Binding style:Paperback

How does a letter written in 1944, in the second month of a baby boy’s life, explain to that little boy, when he reads it for the first time fifty-four years later, the reason why his life turned out the way it had?

Adopted in 1945, Jonathan was brought up in a Christian home, and finds that the purpose for his life is fulfilled through his relationship with his Heavenly Father. He learns that God chooses to use ordinary people in sometimes extraordinary ways.

In 1998, Jonathan searches for his birth mother which leads him to the United States of America.

Jonathan discovers a long trail of “coincidences” starting with his Grandfather Verrier (1915, aged 19) and continuing to the present day, connecting his life with his natural family.

He retired from The Bible Society in 2011.
Price: $20.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-25558

'Turn your ideas into action'

Author: Scott Boocock

128pp + Cover

ISBN: 978-0-646-95246-8

Scott Boocock ('The Aussie Innovator') is a passionate Australian entrepreneur and presenter - on television and in the public forum.
His moment of inspiration occurred in 2012 while hanging out the washing.
How, he wondered, can you hand a delicate item (especially, in this instance, a classy dress belonging to his wife) while leaving no peg, line, or sun marks?
The Answer: the HEG™. Through winning a prestigious Good Design Award and being successful on the Shark Tank Australia show, he has been inspiring inventors and innovators across the globe to believe that with perseverance they, too, can make their dreams come true.
Price: $20.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-26801
... a journey of faith, hope and love

The Amanda Grobbelaar Story

Product Description:

Author:Amanda Grobbelaar

ISBN: 9 780646 959542

Is there a limit to what a mortal human can endure? Is there a limit to faith, hope and love? Amanda’s story is extraordinary, the story of a woman who refused to give up. In 2011 Amanda was a successful business woman with a bright future in the financial services industry, but in a very short period everything changed. When diagnosed with a cruel medical monster which had the ability to rob her of who she was, she vowed to her family that she would put up the fight of her life.
Amanda says this is the only life we have; it is not a dress rehearsal and we should treasure each day for the gift it is; every moment should count.
This book is about courageous living - read it and your life will never be the same.

Price: $25.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-27213
A Journey of tragedy and triumph.

Product Description:
234mm x 152mm x 25mm
416pp + Cover

Author: Glyn Scott

ISBN: 978-0-9954387-0-5

In the shadows of cosmopolitan Adelaide an unborn baby is sold, this tiny child's sheer will to live is tested by the pain and suffering she is forced to endure. Through the years life is only bearable by her ability to play the piano. Her love of music transports her from the oppression of cruelty inflicted by those who vowed to take care of her.

This story will leave you breathless, a woman's fight for survival in her world of abuse, rape and murder.

"A heart-stopping story of warmth and wisdom. You won't regret picking up this book. You may not be able to put it down." Caroline Overington: The Australian.
Price: $33.00/BOOK

Item No:YBO-28013
From rag doll of a horse to glory and grace.

Auther: Kerry McFie
Edited by: Maria Stephens

240mm x 170mm
149pp + Cover

ISBN: 9780646973562

A young horse named Sheba ended up with me. Being inexperienced I had no idea what I was doing. I always had a passion to entertain people. My lazy brumby certainly not a Ferrari of the horse world, really didn’t have it. Sheba bucked me off and I ended up in hospital. The doctors said I was lucky to be alive. Persistence proved Sheba, like me, was born to entertain.

I believe she was given to me by God and children adored her. Families came to see this unusual performing horse doing a bow for anyone who wanted to ride her. At a church gathering on Henley beach, when it was time to break bread, Sheba decided to eat the whole loaf.

"It's not what we did that made us special, it's Sheba's relationship with people that made her special."
Price: $28.50/BOOK

Item No:YBO-28592
A Doctor at Large in Rural South Australia

Product Description:
360pp + Cover

Author: Anthony J. Radford

ISBN: 978-0-9941515-1-4

Have Stethoscope Will Travel is the story of a doctor, who in retirement, joined a band of locum general practitioners to the towns and communities of rural and remote South Australia. Not only does he share with us his medical anecdotes and patients - anonymously of course - but he takes us into the communities among whom he was working, the countryside with the vagaries of crops and weather, its birds and vegetation, and the seascapes and wildlife.
A lively thoughtful read and will be enjoyed by those interested in contemporary rural Australia and by no means confined to doctors and nurses. It follows on the author's first book which tells of his experiences as a young doctor in Papua New Guinea - Singsings, Sutures and Sorcery.
Price: $29.95/BOOK
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